Application form:

  1. What is a professional domicile? 
    This is the city / place that you define as where you are located for work (see AIIC web site for more details)
  2. What counts as a conference?
    A conference style event, like a seminar, plenary presentations and political events. Interpreting on television, e.g. for the news, also counts as a conference-style event.
  3. What is the minimum number of conference days I should have before I apply? 
    A minimum of 150 days
  4. Is the total of 150 days for each language combination?
    No, for each language combination you must have a minimum of 50 days.
  5. During how many years count these 150 days?
    There is no restriction on how far you go back, but you must be able to have proof that you worked those days. You should count back from the moment that you apply, so report on all the past conference days starting the moment of application. 
  6. How do I count the days?
    Each event on a day counts as one day, even if it was shorter, eg. 3 hours
  7. What do I do if I do not have a 150 days of conference work yet?
    You can apply as a pre-candidate and collect the 150 days during the 5 years to come (pre-candidacy is for a maximum amount of 5 years)
  8. What do I need to do to apply as pre-candidate?
    Download the pre-candidate application form and fill it out. The application form must be signed by at least three active members, who confirm that you really do work as a conference interpreter but without giving any guarantee as regards professional quality. No other forms or papers are needed. To complete the application you will need to pay the fee (see page 2 of the application form for details).
  9. What is a sponsor?
    A sponsor is a member of AIIC. In order to be a sponsor for a candidate member, the sponsor must have been at least a member of AIIC for 5 years.