If you are a conference interpreter with one or several sign languages in your language combination and are interested in joining AIIC, please go to the AIIC Committee on Admissions and Language Classification's website:

The CACL Guide for Applicants

There you will find all necessary information and application forms. 

Si vous êtes à la fois interprète de conférence, que vous travaillez dans une ou plusieurs langues des signes et que vous souhaitez adhérer à l'AIIC, veuillez consulter le site de la Commission des admissions et du classement linguistique de l'AIIC:

Le Guide CACL pour les candidats

Vous y trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires et les formulaires d'application.

Applying to AIIC as a conference sign language interpreter

If you are a conference sign language interpreter working at one or more sign languages, you can apply to AIIC. Before you apply, you must have:

  • At least 150 days of conference work overall according to AIIC's rules and regulations;

If you do not have yet a 150 days of conference work, you can apply as a pre-candidate. If you have 150 days you can apply as a candidate.

Filling out the application form

  1. Print out the application form (in English or French) and fill in your name, address, and language combination

  2. List your conference days (you can use this template excel file for example and here is an example on how to fill this out). Please note:

    • Each event on a day counts as one day, even if it was shorter, eg. 3 hours

    • List a '1' for each language combination and direction that you worked in that day. For example: BSL > ENG (1) and ENG > BSL (1), if you worked both into BSL and from BSL into English

    • For each language combination you must have 50 days

    • When applying you must have a total minimum of 150 working days

  3. Next to the application form and required documentation, it is recommended that you attach a letter of support from conference sign language interpreters or clients you have worked with.

Find sponsors

To support your application you will need to have sponsors (AIIC members). You will need:

  • At least 3 sponsors, including 2 from your region :

    • who have listened to you work at a meeting no more than three years prior to the date at which they signed your application;

    • who have signed your application form no more than three years prior to the date at which the AIIC Secretariat receives your application;

    • who are active members of AIIC;

    • who have 5 years seniority in the languages they are sponsoring;

    • who cover at least one language pair.

You can find a sponsor by bringing your form to assignments where you work with spoken language interpreters. Having listened to your work you can ask them to sponsor you.

IMPORTANT: At this moment we only have 1 sign language interpreter (Dutch Sign Language) as member who has 5 years seniority as AIIC member. Therefore, for the other sign languages existing AIIC members can listen only when you work into a spoken language. You will need to ask for a waiver for your sign language(s) that you want to apply for. 

We recommend that at the beginning of a conference you find out if the spoken language interpreters working at the conference are AIIC members. You can also find out prior to the event if any AIIC members are working at the event, and contact them beforehand to discuss the possibility of sponsoring you.

If you have a booking to work at a conference where you work into a spoken language and which is open to the public you can also send us the details (date and location of the event) so that we try to find an AIIC colleague in that region who could come and listen to your work.

Minimum Requirements for Language Coverage

  • Each A language to be covered by at least 2 sponsors with an A in that language. All A sponsors taken together must cover all the candidate's language combinations.

  • Each B language to be covered by at least 1 sponsor with an A and 1 with an A or B in that language. Each sponsor for a B language must also have an A, a B or a C in the applicant's A language.

  • Each C language to be covered by at least 2 sponsors with an A, B or C in that language. Each sponsor for a C language must also have an A or a B in the applicant's A language. One of your sponsors for a C language could have a C in your A language provided he/she has an A in your C language.

  • Each pair must be covered by sponsors at least once. Each language must be covered twice.

Submitting your application

There are two deadlines every year: 31 May and 30 November.

If you send in your application at least 6 weeks ahead of the deadline, it will be pre-screened by one of the CACL members (AIIC Admission Committee). Pre-screening helps to identify information which may be missing from your file and which you can then forward ahead of the formal review. This service provided by CACL could accelerate your admission into AIIC.