1. Mandate

  • Establish and maintain dialogue between sign language interpreters (SLIs) and AIIC.
  • Provide information to AIIC members about sign-languages around the world (their legal status, the profession, working conditions and training of SLIs)
  • Maintain contact between AIIC and local, national and international SLI associations and with individual SLIs.
  • Promote AIIC’s principles and values among SLI associations and individual SLIs

2. Membership

Any AIIC member (active, associate or honorary) who has an interest in sign language interpreting and wishes to contribute and support the Sign Language Network activities.

3. Activities and projects

The Sign Language Network shall organise its activities according to the needs and issues identified by its members. It shall submit a yearly report of activities to the Executive Committee.

4. Budget

The Sign Language Network shall work within the budget allocated every three years by the AIIC General Assembly and amended each year by the Budget Committee and Executive Committee.

5. Representation

The Sign Language Network shall be represented by its coordinator. If the coordinator is unable to attend a meeting, or deems preferable that another member holds the network’s representation during a given period, s/he will nominate, on behalf of the network, such SLN representative chosen among its members. This representative will report to the network.

In the AIIC Regions, the Sign Language Network shall be represented by its local member(s) or another member available.